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About Us

Trust, reliability and great cash offers.  That is what has built our good name here at Newcastle Car Removal.  We are a car removal company in Newcastle that offers all the conveniences to sell your vehicle with just a phone call.  We’ve spent years in the business, and have grown to the cash buying power to purchase hundreds of vehicles weekly.  There’s car seller, no matter what its make and model, age and condition that we won’t make a cash offer to purchase the vehicle.

We are the Car Removal Newcastle company and part of Central Coast Car Removals that has many returning customers, and many new customers daily.  Word of mouth has been one of our best forms of advertising as we are a company that is fair and trustworthy.  Our cash for car payments reaches up to [sitecash].

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Our used car buying system includes a vehicle of every condition, including scrap, junk, accident, fire, flooded, salvage, rusted and damaged.  We can purchase any condition of a vehicle because we are also car recyclers.  No vehicle that is no longer road worthy, or not worth the cost of repairs, or simply scrap will go to waste in a landfill.  Quite the opposite.  We recycle the vehicle nearly 100 percent.  Right down to the tyres.  All waste from the fluids and fuel in the vehicle will be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

We also offer our customers the convenience of eliminating the strain of a towing fee.  Or, having to transport your vehicle to us.  We offer a Free Car Removal Newcastle with every vehicle we purchase. Our car technicians work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making it easy to have your vehicle removed at your convenience.

How Our System Works

Newcastle Car Removal is a company that makes instant cash quotes:

When a vehicle owner gets in touch with us to enquire what we will offer them for their vehicle, we ask for the details and make them a cash offer.  All that is necessary is to accept or reject the offer.  We guarantee not to run you around with haggling or pressure should you reject our offer.  When an offer is accepted, we then schedule a free car removal at the convenience of our customers.  At the time of the remove, we will request that we are allowed to complete a quick inspection of the vehicle, provide the paperwork, ask you to present us with your photo ID, and to sign over the title of ownership or scrap certificate to the vehicle.  Once all is complete, we will then provide you with our cash offer amount.
Our Cash For Car Newcastle transactions are quick and always convenient and only take about 45 minutes.

We do all the heavy work of loading, and disposing or reselling the vehicle.  You only count your cash.

Contact Us Today

Newcastle Car Removal is a car removal company that excels in car removal services.  We take a great deal of pride in offering vehicle owners that option to obtain a cash quote on their vehicle over the phone or through our “Ask For Our Price” form located here on our web page.  Our cash for car payments are made in cash at the time we collect your vehicle.

To obtain a cash quote, please contact a vehicle appraiser at the number below or complete and submit our “Ask For Our Price” form located on this page.

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We guarantee a fair cash offer and quick removal of your unwanted vehicle.