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Car Removal
Fast cash, and a quick car removal. That is our guarantee at Newcastle Car Removal. We are a car removal company in Newcastle that buys used & scrap vehicles and pays up to [sitecash] cash. Get a cash quote on your unwanted vehicle today by giving us a call.

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Car Removal Newcastle
At Newcastle Car Removal, our policy is not to purchase a vehicle without offering the vehicle owner a free car removal. Our car removal system is one that is quick and convenient. It is also not just a car removal. It is the time that the actual exchange of cash for your vehicle will take place. We will provide you with the necessary paperwork to make the purchase legal, and ask that you sign over your title to ownership or scrap certificate.

Free Car Removal
We offer easy to schedule car removals at your convenience, not wasting your time or ours. Our car removal specialists will remove your vehicle at a time of your choice, whether AM or PM, business hours, after hours or weekends and holidays.

How to Get a Free Car Removal
We make the process to obtain a free car removal as convenient as the car removal itself. Our car appraisers offer quick quotes over the phone, and through our “Ask For Our Price” form located on our web page.

We can nearly guarantee you that our Cash For Cars Newcastle offer will be accurate provided that you provide us with a description of your vehicle.

We are a car removal company that:

Schedules FREE Car Removals at Your Convenience!
Removes Any Make and Model, of Any Year and Condition!
Offers Free Car Removals 24 Hours a Day!
Pays Cash for Your Vehicle at The Time We Collect Your Vehicle!
Get your free car removal today. Give us a call!

Unwanted, Junk, Rusted, Damaged, Used, Wrecked, Accident, Scrap, Old, Salvaged, Fire, or Flooded, we will buy your vehicle and remove it today!

We collect your vehicle no matter what its condition, make, model or age. .

Why Choose Us?
When you choose Newcastle Car Removal, you choose a company that guarantees the best!
We are a professional, licenced and insured used and scrap car buyer & wrecker in Newcastle Car that:

Makes instant cash quotes over the phone or on our web page.
Doesn’t hesitate to offer you our best or highest cash offer.
We make instant cash payments of up to [sitecash] at the time of your car collection.
Our car removals extend to car collections and company fleets.
We never charge a towing fee.
We schedule convenient appointments that don’t take from your busy schedule as you tell us a convenient time for you. After hours, okay! Business hours, okay! Weekends, okay! Holidays, okay!
We provide all the necessary paperwork. All that’s needed is for you to sign on the dotted line.
At Newcastle Car Removal, having your Junk Car Removal is fast and convenient. And, pays cash! Up to [sitecash].

We also remove:
Trucks, 4x4s, Vans, Utes, SUVs, Jeeps, Buses, Bikes

Just give us a call and we’ll make you an unbeatable offer!

Contact Us Today
For more information on our services, or to schedule a free car removal, contact Newcastle Car Removal at the number below. With one call, we’ll make you a cash for cars Newcastle offer. Accept, and your vehicle is sold for cash! Vehicle owners can also obtain a cash quote through our “Ask For Our Price” form on the top right of this page.

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Complete our “Ask For Our Price” form

Wreckers Newcastle

Wreckers Newcastle is a new addition to our business. From now on, Newcastle car removal will wreck all make, all model, all shape cars, vans, trucks, utes and 4x4s. Wreckers newcastle will pay top cash for any old, damaged, scrap, broken, accident, salvaged, wrecked, flooded any condition cars.

Why Choose Wreckers Newcastle

Wreckers Newcastle aims to buy all the old/new model cars from the local newcastle region and use these old/new model cars for metal recycling purposes. For this reason, newcastle car removal will offer free car removal services for all the customers residing newcastle region and also pay top cash depending on the condition of the car.

How To Sell To Wreckers Newcastle

If you have any old, damaged, wrecked, rusted car lying in your yard or street and making your place dirty or messy, just give us a call at 02 8011 1075 or simply get a quote from this website. Thats it!! we will come to your place and take care of the rest. You do not have to call any other company for selling the car or do anything extra. We will take out the junk car and pay you on the spot. Thats double reward for you, provided by the newcastle car removal.

As a wrecker, we always have to measure and judge the scrap cars and calculate the prices accurately. We have experts and professionals in our team who are very good in this business and they take the right decisions for deciding the prices of the cars, vans, utes, 4x4s, trucks and any other vehicles. We usually buy a lot of vehicles and the prices of the vehicles really depends on the size of the vehicle. Generally the price of any truck or suv will be higher than the price of the regular sedan or hatchback car as they are smaller in size and truck/suv is much larger in size. We are always very clear and conscious about giving the right prices to our customers and always care about the the customers benefit.